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Announcing our New Peritoneal Dialysis Services!

As the area leader in Renal Care, our clinical team at Laurel Brook Rehab is excited to announce that we are now trained and licensed to provide specialized care in peritoneal dialysis services to patients with chronic kidney disease and related diagnoses, in addition to our current on-campus hemodialysis capabilities!

Peritoneal dialysis is an alternative treatment for kidney failure. It is a needle free way to clean waste and fluid from your blood using the peritoneal membrane as a filter when your kidneys have stopped working. Most people do their peritoneal dialysis exchanges at home, at work and even overnight, rather than in a dedicated center.

If you’re on peritoneal dialysis and find yourself in need of short-term rehab – you can now let Laurel Brook assist with your peritoneal dialysis care while you focus on regaining your strength and ability for a safe return home.

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